Shaped by Knowing Him

The Bible has real meaning for our lives, our relationship to God, and to others. It is our primary means of coming to know Him. It is where He has made Himself known to us. As such, it is not simply a book from which to glean principles or instructions for life. It is first and foremost a revelation of God in the person of Christ Jesus.

I don’t mean to suggest that it does not have valuable instructions and great principles to live by; clearly it has both. But I do want to stress that they are not primary. And if they become primary, we can miss the most significant revelations of God, despite having found instructions and principles. We can minimize the more significant in favor of the less significant.

That Jesus walked on the sea is a profound revelation of God. Can you believe it? He walked on a raging storm driven sea. Have you considered the implications? A man walked on, what men sink in. What manner of man must He be? What fear, awe and reverence must He engender? Who does something that? The meaning for all humankind is staggering if, indeed it is true, that this man walked on water. You must weigh heavily whether or not you believe such a thing.

If it is a fable, like those of Aesop, then you can simply ask the moral of the story and find a principle. But if God has revealed something real and true about Jesus, then everything has changed. The world has become a different place. What it means for Jesus to be called Lord is also different now. It’s no longer a personal confession. Belief in a person who can walk on water cannot be relegated to a personal conviction. It cannot be privatized. It, by the shear magnitude of its significance, breaks forth. It demands attention.

It calls upon its hearers to decide for themselves the veracity of the claim. As a result, some will be driven to investigate further. Others will dismiss it right away as impossible. “Men just don’t walk on water,” many will say. Some will find it implausible that a man, by the force of His nature, can lift Himself about the natural laws which bind us earthbound mortals.

All these responses are possible, but what should not be possible is to affirm this monumental moment in history as true, and the most you receive from it is the hope that your finances will be better. It’s significance cannot be reduced to instructions on how to overcome the storms of life. It means so much more than that. If you belief that Jesus actually walked on the sea, then what you know about Him will shape and inform the way you see everything. You should be in awe again and again. Even the sight of the ocean should move you. While I could instruct you from the Bible to worship in response to creation, there is no need if you have been shape by knowing the Lord.


About calhouns2013

Pastor SouthPoint Fellowship Church in Pearland, TX.
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